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Our mission; how we got here and the importance of this missing mineral:


Since the beginning of Seaquoia, we always knew our mission was greater than we could fathom. Our journey of harvesting and studying Giant kelp has led us to the 'Iodine for Mothers' project'. We started by asking ourselves, how far could we stretch $25 to help people and the environment which we cherish so much. Upon releasing our 'Natural Iodine Source Kelp Supplement', we've seen the demand in society and the affect iodine deficiency has on people of all ages. 2 billion people worldwide are iodine deficient or at risk. Iodine is depleted in soils and therefore our crops, which is one reason this mineral deficiency has plagued people across the globe. Our research on iodine brought to light the importance of it for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and the implications that a deficency can have for the mother and newborn. A passion was then born to get this mineral to as many women as we can during the most important times of their lives. 


What does iodine do for the body?


Iodine is absorbed solely by the thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland below the larynx on the lower neck. Two very important hormones are manufactured in the thryoid, T3 and T4 (triiodothyronine and thyroxine). These hormones communicate with every cell in our body, responsible for regulating metabolism, heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and other metabolic functions. An underactive thyroid, and low iodine intake, can lead to many health issues throughout life for people of all ages.  


Giant Kelp, the 'Sequoia of the Sea':


We harvest fresh Giant kelp by hand from abundant and regenerative kelp forests along the central coast of California. Giant kelp is a perrenial plant, living up to 8 years and growing 150 feet tall. It's reproductive sporophytes are at the base of the stipe, so harvesting never endangers it's ability to reproduce. The fresh kelp is then freeze dried and powderized in a state of the art facility in California. The process of freeze drying preserves up to 95% of the nutritional and medicinal properties of the kelp. Only 132 mg of kelp powder a day offers 100% the daily value of iodine. The kelp is lab tested for it's nutritional value, microbiology, heavy metals, and even radiation to ensure safety for human consumption. With the included measuring scoop, add the kelp powder to smoothies, tonics, sprinkle onto food, in soups, or simply stir into a glass of water and drink.


For those that aren't familiar with the taste of kelp or that may not like it, don't worry, the small dose will not affect the taste of your favorite smoothie or any other way you choose to incorporate it into your diet.  


Why your purchase is so important:


Your purchase of $25 will supply a pregant or breastfeeding mother with 9 months of iodine rich kelp powder. In collaboration with health organizations nationally and internationally, we will donate our kelp powder to supply as many women as we can. We will post through social media where your purchase is helping women in the world. 


You will receive 2 months of iodine rich kelp powder shipped to your door.


Proceeds from the $25 will also go to restoring kelp forests in California through our partners at SeaTrees (  and other reforestation projects throughout California and the world. 


Thank you for your support. Let's make the world a happier and healthier place together!   

Iodine for Mothers' Project

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