Why Seaquoia?

Our mission is to supply California farmers with a local source of Kelp and sea minerals. We sustainably harvest and process Macrocystis pyrifera from the California coast. Macrocystis has the abilityto grow up to 2 feet a day with optimum conditions and is a perennial plant living up to 8 years and constantly regenerating itself. Reducing the carbon footprint of farms by supporting locally sourced minerals for fertilizing crops and feeding microbes is a step forward in food security. 

Our Process

We harvest fresh Macrocystis pyrifera by hand from the nutrient rich Pacific Ocean off California. The kelp is then finely chopped, loaded into mesh bags, and 'brewed' in cold well water from the Santa Cruz Mountains. This process ensures that all the benefits of this amazing kelp are slowly extracted into the water and not denatured by heat or chemical processes. No preservatives or molasses are used in our product.